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JAMIT Knitting Machine is a series of hand-knitting tool products developed and manufactured by JAMIT Toy Factory. As the first manufacturer to research and develop wool knitting tool toys, JAMIT Toy Factory enjoys many utility models issued by the State Intellectual Property Office of the People’s Republic of China Patent certificate and design patent certificate.

JAMIT series products are suitable for friends who are eight years old and above. For children, JAMIT wool knitting tool toys are different from other finished toys. Children need to use their eyes, ears, hands and brains to learn, imagine, and practice to make their own works. Every knitting machine is the cornerstone of the success of thousands of woolen products. Every child has a different idea, and the created works are ever-changing and unique. While having fun, let the children use their own hands to make daily necessities for themselves, their relatives and friends. As small as scarves, hats, socks, and gloves, as large as blankets, cushions, and pillowcases. When the production results are applied to life, it will greatly satisfy the children's inner sense of accomplishment after labor. This also adds fun and more possibilities to the toy itself.

The JAMIT knitting machine R&D and manufacturing team has always been adhering to the company’s "craftsman spirit" and the concept of "creation comes from life, creating decorations for life", down-to-earth, keeping up with the pace of the times, constantly innovating, ensuring quality, and striving to develop every handmade DIY Tool toys can combine toys with life, and use toys as a link to encourage parents to participate, provide children and parents with more interaction opportunities, and open up greater imagination and creative potential.